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Hey, we're Elixir Play.

After developing vaginismus that caused painful sex after having kids, Elixir Play Founder, Lara, looked for a solution. Experiencing a series of frustrating and demeaning encounters with doctors before she finally found a pelvic floor physio who who was able to help, Lara knew there had to be a better solution. Elixir Play was born out of her desire to help other women who were stuck in confusing, painful, uncomfortable, and less-than-pleasurable situations.

Since all bodies are different and everyone experiences pleasure in different ways, Lara set out to design playful products that suit all shapes, sizes, and desires.

Made with minimal packaging and plastic, these playful products are obsessively designed, tried, tested and approved by real women.

We believe in making every intimate experience pleasurable and consensual, which is why we support our community with science-based resources and donate a percentage from each sale to alleviate human trafficking.

Ready to level-up your sex game? Let us show you the possibilities. Experience Elixir Play today.

Feel Good. For Good.

We're here to normalise great sex.

Let's face it, sometimes sex just isn't sexy. Pain, low libido, shame, confusion can all make pleasure, good sex, or even an orgasm, feel like a fantasy.

Elixir Play is a female wellness brand creating beautiful, powerful products specially designed to enhance your pleasure, in whatever way you experience it. We're here to help women understand, explore, and unlock their ultimate pleasure.


Pleasure made painlesss.

We are passionate about helping empower, inform and design products that assist women in their desire for sexual health. We want to ensure that all our products encompass the highest quality and design to enhance the users experience.

Our commitment is to work with a vast array of users, health care professionals and designers to ensure that our products continue to drive the importance of female pleasure.

Giving Back

We at Elixir Play believe that sex should be a fun, enjoyable and consensual experience for all women. Unfortunately, we know that this is not always true.

This is why we have decided to donate a portion from each product sold to help end human sex trafficking. In our own way, we hope to be able to raise awareness and fund charities that are working hard to bring our shared belief of consent to all women.

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